How to Set Up a Metamask Account for the Greeny token?

1. Open your Google Chrome browser and launch the website
2. Below you see the homepage of the website. Click the ‘Download’ button.

Now, you will see this window where you have to choose
‘Chrome’ and then click ‘Install’:

Now, you will see this window where you have to choose
‘Chrome’ and then click ‘Install’:

This will now add Metamask as an Extension to your Chrome
browser and installation will begin. When installation is complete, open Metamask and start your registration process. The homepage will look like this:

Press the ‘Get Started’ button. Now you will have to create a

4. Now you have to create a secure password and write it down somewhere so you don’t forget it!

5. Here comes the most important step. When you have created your password, the next window that will open will contain a secret security phrase. You should write this secret phrase on a piece of paper because this secret phrase will be the only thing that will let you access your account if for some reason you forget your password. On this window, click the dark button with the padlock on it:

Your secrets phrase will consist of 12 English words (REMEMBER: you must write them down on a piece of paper and store it in a secure location so that you won’t forget them):

On this screen, click on the words in the order you see them in. After you’ve written them down on a piece of paper, click Confirm

6. Now, your Metamask wallet will look like this:

You can log into your Metamask wallet when you open your
Google Chrome browser and click on the icon with the fox in the uppermost right corner.

7. Now you have to connect your Metamask wallet to the Binance network. In the beginning, your wallet will be connected to the Ethereum network. However, the Greeny and ORF tokens are on the Binance blockchain, so you need to configure your Metamask wallet. This can be done from the ‘Settings’ button in the upper right corner:

When we open the Settings, we need to find the ‘Networks’ menu:

8. Now you need to add the Binance network manually. On the window that will pop up, you need to click on the blue button ‘Add Network’, which is in the upper right corner. Then, Metamask will open a new window with fields, which you’ll have to fill:

Here, you fill out the following data:

- Network name: Smart Chain
- New RPC URL:
- ChainID: 56
- Currency Symbol: BNB
- Block Explorer URL:

When you correctly fill out the fields, click on the ‘Save’ button.
Now, your Metamask wallet is on the correct Binance network.

9. There is one more step left: to add the Greeny token. Now that you are on Binance’s network – Binance Smart Chain, open Metamask’s homepage and click on the blue button ‘Import Tokens’

Now the following window will open up:

Token Contact Address:
Token Symbol: